A business complex in the Fuencarral area, comprising 3 independent buildings.
Fuencarral is an area of unique character in an exceptional location. Now it can also boast an urban oasis, based on nature, avant-garde design and a new and better way of planning workspaces for our new times.
Manuel Tovar 6 is a business complex comprising 3 independent buildings, located in one of the city’s most prominent business areas, Fuencarral, just 5 minutes from Cuatro Torres Business Area, Plaza de Castilla and Chamartín Station.

It stands within the area of influence of Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN). It is well served by public and private transport communication, with easy access to the M-30, M-11, M-607, A-1 and Fuencarral-Alcobendas Highroad.

Central square

Portico leading to Building A and the central square

View of atrium and main stairway, Building A

Central square with premises serving the complex; Building B in the background

Reception, Building B

Office interior

Office interior, informal area

Central square with premises serving the complex; Building A in the background

Central Square
A central square where nature and architecture combine to create a space that is at once both open and intimate. A perfect place for a rest.
Comprehensive Renovation Project
The entire complex will be renovated to the highest quality, based on state-of-the-art implementation criteria.
Private entrance
The large gateway creates a sense of exclusivity, privacy and elegance, reinforced by the contemporary architecture and use of masses of vegetation.
MT6 boasts the most modern up-to-date fittings to ensure better performance and energy efficiency. The project will have LEED or BREEAM certification (currently at assessment phase).

Don’t expect monotony, Fuencarral is original,
creative and constantly on the move.

The right direction
Throughout its history, Madrid has always tended naturally to expand to the north. With approval for development of the Distrito Castellana Norte project, the area will once again be the city’s leading reference point and one of the most vibrant urban spaces in Europe. State-of-the-art design, services and excellent connectivity, combined with greenery and leisure areas.
Madrid Nuevo Norte project view
Fuencarral is an area with a strong personality of its own. Here, time has flowed eclectically, creating a varied environment where industrial buildings stand alongside avant-garde architecture, restaurants and services.
Manuel Tovar 6 is perfectly situated for maximum connectivity. To the north, the M-30 is just 100 metres away, providing a fast connection to IFEMA, the airport and —much closer— the Paseo de la Castellana axis leading to Nuevos Ministerios and the city centre.

And with Chamartín station close at hand, and a range of nearby metro, bus and suburban rail stops, the complex can be accessed quickly and simply from anywhere in the Madrid region.

Car M-607, M-30, M-11, A-1
11 min from Madrid-Barajas airport
Bus Lines 66, 124, 137
Suburban rail Ramón y Cajal,
10 minutes’ walk
Metro Begoña (L10),
10 minutes’ walk
Direct connection to Chamartín
01 Sistemas 4B (Redsys) 06 Grupo Marktel
02 Osborne 07 Hearst Magazines
03 T-Systems 08 Dräger
04 GFT 09 Adecco
05 Mapfre 10 Cortefiel

The main building, open on all sides, has a spectacular atrium, with broad modern stairways in a modern design for those who prefer not to use the lifts.

Floor 4 1,410 sqm
Floor 3 1,410 sqm
Floor 2 1,410 sqm
Floor 1 553 sqm
Ground Floor 497 sqm
Basement -01 90 places
Basement -02 133 places


Module A
Reception and waiting area 1 unit
Offices and Meeting Rooms 9 units
Workstations 112 units
Hotdesk stations 18 units
Café and rest area 1 unit (34 seats)
Occupation 1/6 sqm
Module B
Reception and waiting area 1 unit
Offices and Meeting Rooms 3 units
Workstations 32 units
Hotdesk stations 8 units
Café and rest area 1 unit (20 seats)
Occupation 1/6 sqm

Building B, with an extensive green space out front, is open on all sides, ensuring plenty of light and perspective in all directions.

Floor 4 1,265 sqm
Floor 3 1,265 sqm
Floor 2 1,265 sqm
Floor 1 1,264 sqm
Ground Floor 1,259 sqm
Basement -01 90 places
Basement -02 133 places


Module A
Reception and waiting area 1 unit
Offices and Meeting Rooms 6 units
Workstations 64 units
Hotdesk stations 9 units
Café and rest area 1 unit (33 seats)
Occupation 1/9 sqm
Module B
Reception and waiting area 1 unit
Offices and Meeting Rooms 6 units
Workstations 54 units
Hotdesk stations 8 units
Café and rest area 1 unit (20 seats)
Occupation 1/9 sqm


The services/retail classification of this building make it ideal for businesses serving the complex: it could host a café with direct access to the square, auditorium, meeting rooms, agora area, presentations, etc.

Ground Floor 689 sqm

Technical specifications


Building A

Building A has a double-glazed curtain wall on the facades facing onto Calle Manuel Tovar and the interior of the complex to make the most of the natural light.

Building B

Building B has a brickwork facade and plasterboard lining in the interior and limestone facing on the exterior. Aluminium frames with double glazing on all four sides

The two sides of Building B that receive most sunlight have a superimposed textile skin facade. As well

as reducing solar impact, this enables appropriate maintenance of the exterior, with a system of gangways between the stone facade and textile skin. The skin also gives the whole complex a distinct modern touch.

Building C

Curtain wall with structural bonding, drainage system by levels and low thermal transmittance.


The complex has 6 lifts with direct access between the two garage basements and the office floors.

  • BUILDING A: 4 lifts
  • BUILDING B: 2 lifts


The complex’s 1,250 m2 of exterior space are finished in natural stone paving, water surface, vegetation and perforated sheet.

The entrance foyers of both buildings and the lobbies on each floor are paved in natural stone and vertical cladding using panelling in different textures and smooth ceilings. They also include sculptural designer lighting in significant areas, such as the 5-storey central atrium of Building A and the twin level of Building B.

Washrooms are finished in large format porcelain with low-consumption flush valves and taps, presence detection and a continuous ceiling.

The office premises have a raised floor and exposed installations in ceilings to highlight the singularity and character of the complex.

Free height in offices from raised floor to slab:

  • BUILDING A: 3,15 m
  • BUILDING B: 3,45 m
  • BUILDING C: 4,13 m

Height of false floor 15 cm.


Following renovation, the business complex will be a sustainable building with high energy efficiency, of a kind currently sought after by users. In addition, the shared garden space offers a sense of wellbeing and comfort.


  • High-efficiency LED lighting.
  • Regulation of light intensity according to sunlight.
  • Control of lighting hours.


  • Medium voltage power supply and/or centralisation of meters by tenant.
  • Provision of photovoltaic panels for energy saving.
  • Generator set for essential services.


  • HVAC using high efficiency VRV systems with independent systems for each tenant.
  • Heating/cooling HVAC system with heat recovery.
  • Internal duct units with high degree of flexibility for adapting spaces.
  • Zone-specific temperature control, by user and centralised.
  • Air renovation using AHUs with filtering and high efficiency heat exchangers.
  • Ventilation control using sensors for greater air quality and energy efficiency.
  • Monitoring and regulation of climate control and ventilation system by BMS.


  • Algorithmic fire detection system with two-way communication and integration of signals with other systems.
  • Coverage with network of firefighting cabinets throughout the built surface.
  • Adapted for access to fire and emergency services.

COVID19 Measures

During the renovation, a series of measures and specific facilities will be implemented to guarantee the hygiene and safety of the space.


Contactless soap dispenser
Contactless taps and hand dryers
Pedal and removable containers

Reception and lobbies of both buildings

Contactless soap dispenser
Thermographic camera

Frontal divisions at receptions


Additional facilities

Air renewal in elevator cabs
High efficiency mechanical ventilation systems
Purification systems and air filtration
Filter replacement